Dinosaur Erotica & Dr Chuck Tingle

Two articles caught my attention today, both in the Erotica Genre. Being a writer and lover of Monster and Paranormal Erotica I find it interesting how people perceive what we write.

Christie Sims Dinosaur Erotica has been around for a while now. I sometimes think people take this genre a little too seriously, where as writers we are just having a bit of fun, I know I am. I have read some of Christie’s books and think they are hilarious.

Follow the link for article: Dinosaur Erotica

Dr Chuck Tingle, Master of disguise. This article calls it ‘Behind Amazon’s Most Absurd Gay Erotica’.

Dr Tingle writes various types of Erotica, with Bigfoot, Dinosaurs and even a Jet Plane. I have yet to read a Dr Tingle book, but he is my list.

Follow the link to the Observer interview with Dr Chuck Tingle



Alison and the Raccoon-Short story

It was a windy July night and Allison was still up trying to finish her college assignment.

Pushing the wooly blanket aside, she stretched her lean legs before sliding her feet into her rubber flip-flops and headed to the kitchen. She was used to walking through the corridor in darkness, the streetlights lit it up just enough for her to find her way. She passed the room Sally had occupied up until the previous summer, until she moved to art school in Berlin. She missed her best friend. She was lucky, Sally’s parents offered for her to stay here so she could finish her last year at college.

As she reached the head of the stairs, a tiny beam of light shined across the floor in front of her. It was coming from the keyhole of Mr. & Mrs. Daltons bedroom. Looks like Mr. Dalton is working late again she thought. She skipped down the flight of stairs into kitchen, opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of chocolate milk.

A weird shriek from the other side of the house made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Maybe another raccoon had got into the house attic again. Oh jeezs they terrified her. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to run to the safety of her room, or get Sally’s dad. Another piercing shriek, helped make her mind up, she had to get Mr. Dalton. She tiptoed up the stairs towards their room hoping to avoid the animal from noticing and attacking her.

As she reached their door she heard a weird sound. This time, it different, it was a cross between a purr and a growl, and was definitely coming from the Daltons room. That can’t be a raccoon. Curiosity gets the better of her, and she peaks through the keyhole to see what type of strange animal was being held in there.

That was when she saw them… Rose petals littered the floor, giant red candles burned on the nightstand, and in the middle Mrs. Dalton laid. A sheer lace negligee flowing over her taut body, barely hid her nudity. She looked like a woman possessed by the spirits, her hair was wild her legs were up in the air, her head thrown so far back, one would think her neck might snap at any moment.

Mr. Dalton was there to. A gold satin, shiny G-string left nothing to the imagination as he buried his face deep into her pussy. She purred loudly as he worked her lady parts with his flicking tongue. They were obviously enjoying themselves. He continued to ravish her, using his fingers to pleasure her, alternating with some tongue action.

Mrs. Dalton moaned an almost inaudible sound that signified she was enjoying everything being done to her. She writhed and grinded her hips like an anaconda on animal planet. He pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, encouraging her to stand up. He then lay on his back, looking at her, seductively and persuading her in sweet words to come to him. Like a seductress, she did a little wiggle, which looked ridiculous, whilst slowly peeling off the nightgown that barely covered her anyway.

For a woman in her late 40’s she sure had a good body, all the years of active membership at the county club had paid off. It appeared lust had consumed Mr. Dalton as he barely gave her the opportunity finish her seductive dance routine, before pulling her to onto the bed kissing her ever so crudely. He proceeded to run his hands through her hair, cheeks, tweaking her nipples, before allowing them to take a stroll down to her nether region where they worked there magic leaving Mrs. Dalton trembling.

His lips found their way to her now overly erect nipples, sucking them as if his life depended on it, she threw her head back shrieking digging her nails into his back. So that’s the horrible animal noise.

My left eye was becoming weary, so I switched to the right one, which seemed excited to be given the opportunity to enjoy what her counterpart had been devouring.

Mrs. Dalton rolled on top and slowly worked her way down his hairy chest, sucking his nipples and rolling the chest hair with her supple tongue. She took time at his navel licking it passionately and along the folds on his not so flat tummy, before making her way to his erect manhood caressing it with her tongue.

Mr. Dalton’s head was slightly raised, as he watched her flick off his G-string and work his man parts skillfully. They both maintain eye contact as she sucked on his erect length and balls passionately.

As I tried to position myself better to see all the action, my flip-flops squeak on the wooden floor…we all freeze. Mrs. Dalton spins around, trying to find the source of the sound. “Is anyone there?” she yells. She begins to panic and attempts to cover her nakedness with her gown. As I try to back away silently, my flip-flops thud on he ground.

“Oh My God, Oh My God” she screams. “Someone’s at the door.” I rip off my flops and scamper across the corridor as fast as I can back to my room, shutting the door behind me in a nick of time. I dive under my sheets feigning sleep. Moments later Mr. Dalton pushes open my door peering in at me. “Alison, are you awake?” I don’t move a muscle. He waits for a few more seconds then leaves without saying a word. I sigh a deep breath of relief, and giggle to myself, how was I ever going to face them I the morning?

The end.

Bigfoot Ate My Panties.

Hey Everyone,

Exciting news, my second book in the Demon whore series will be released today on Amazon and Smashwords in a few days.

I had a lot of fun writing this book, the title has definitely made few people laugh.

I hope you enjoy it.

Keira’s adventures begin with a Bigfoot so big, how could he possibly fit?

This was not what I thought my first job for Mr. Hunt would entail. I was expecting private planes, champagne, and exotic places with beaches and condos. Not walking up the frigging side of a mountain.

The Client: Barry, man-like. Man-like? What the hell did that mean?

Will she be able to meet the demands of her first job?

Dubious content, forced seduction with two Bigfoot and one woman.


Keira’s Awakening. My first book.

Hi Everyone,

This is the first in of four books of the Demon Whore Series. You will find most of my books have humour in them, thats just my personality. Thanks to Mike Beck for designing the cover for me. Learning photoshop and cover design is still on my list of things to do, along with every other aspect of self publishing. Putting my first book out there is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I know it wont be perfect and I have a lot to learn, but that is why I am here and sharing my journey with you. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do in life we all need to go through the process of making mistakes and learning from them and have a lot of laughs on the way.

Here is a quick blurb of my first Paranormal Erotica e-book. It has been released on Amazon and Smashwords.

Keira thought her life was over after her douchebag boyfriend filmed her having freaky sex and then put it on social media. Then to make things worse, her father had gambled away their family farm and has left her and her mother six weeks to pay back the ever mounting debt. It all seemed hopeless until Mr Hunt, a Demon lord came knocking on her door and made Keira an offer she could not refuse. First, she had to pass the initiation and accept her beastly cravings, only then could every sexual need, want and desire be met and maybe then, she can save her home.

Hot and hard demon sex.


Happy Birthday My little Friend

Here is my crazy Chihuahua Remi. We love her very much, but she is the biggest spoilt brat in the world. She is now two years old and almost trained to do as she’s told. (Who am I kidding?)

She is occasionally well behaved, she hates other dogs but loves people.

She loves her Uncle Mike, who spoils her rotten by bringing her bones and throws toys for her continuously.

She likes to pee on our bath mat, destroy all tissues or toilet rolls she can sink her teeth into, steals the cat food (diet time again), going out for coffees, loves ribbon and jumps into the washing as soon as it comes out of the dryer (move at your own risk).

Happy Birthday Puppy

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Evangeline Anderson- Hits the right spot.

What a great little device and a lot of fun.

Check out Evangeline’s new business venture,with a company that is causing quite a ‘sensation’ over in Europe.

From Evangeline’s website

As an author (and a reader) I am so excited about the B-sensory–also called “the Little Bird.” Essentially, you just put the Little Bird in place and as you read, it will start making you happy at “the good parts.” I am going to have short stories hooked up to the Little Bird to start with including: Speeding Ticket, Stress Relief, When Mr Black Comes Home, Confessions of a Lingerie Model and Dessert (with the sexy Victor/Taylor interlude which takes place after Scarlet Heat).

Eventually, I hope to have more books connected and some of my longer books may be serialized with B-sensory. There are going to be other authors to choose from as well. So check it out–I can’t wait to get mine just in time for next Valentine’s Day!

Leave a reply to let me know what you think of this new sensation! ;)

Little Bird: Fifty Shades of Me!

The Little Bird is the world’s first smart vibrator driven by erotic ebooks. Thanks to this innovating lovetoy, words become caresses, reading turns into a true sensorial experience and the body becomes a part of the story! A simple concept – Read & Feel – that offers women a new way to read and thrill alone or with their partner. A shake of the device, a caress, a blow on the screen will reveal the text and trigger the toy vibrations in accordance with the story. B.Sensory’s app also features a vibrating message service and a possibility to give control of the love egg to a remote partner from short or long distances.

Available for pre-order now, the Little Bird will be delivered on time for Valentine’s Day 2016. This unseen offer combines 3 major trends: the success of erotic romance like “50 shades”, democratization of sextoys (with a 22 billion € estimated market) and the advent of connected devices.
More Informations: b-sensory.com – @BSensory

Check out Evangeline’s website to keep up to date with this great new product.


Girls, do you want your men to man up?

Do you ever wonder why men spend so long in the bathroom? Even when they have little or no hair. Don’t get me wrong, I like personal hygiene on a man, but there is a limit to what I can deal with.

Example one: when your man uses your razor and tells you, “But baby, its so gentle on my face.” Example two: He comes out of the shower smelling like peaches and cream body wash and replies, “But it makes my skin so soft and silky.” No, no, no. Guys please stick to your own manly shower gel. Do I have to trick you and fill my container with mens body wash? Even if it’s a one night stand and you take a shower in the morning, (and yes guys, we really do hope you do) please go for the least fragranced body wash you can find.

You see, i’m the kind of girl who likes a manly man, especially men in uniform. Beat up and bloody looking, smelling like gun powder, (there is probably a name for my condition, lol). Philip Winchester is a excellent example in Strike Back.

So something to ponder over. Do you like the pretty boy who spends hours in the bathroom? Your average guy who occasionally uses your body wash and razors? Or are you a fan of the rough rugged type, hot, hard and sweaty. I know I am, but I am bias.