Marketing and Social Media for Erotica Writers

This is how I am feeling a little bit right now. I want to hide my myself and let all the marketing and media stuff take care of itself.

Hey Everyone, I am now in the process of marketing my new Erotica books. Isn’t this the most perfect picture.

Being a new author and writer of erotica, I have made an effort to as read many articles and listen to advice from other authors in this genre. I thought writing the stories was the hard part, but boy I was wrong. 

Social Media is not my forte, not yet anyway, and I still do not have a clear idea of my personal brand. It is a work in progress!

From what I have personally read, a lot of new established erotica writers struggle with the “Oh, you write Erotica” wall. 

There seems to be an impression that if we write erotica our Websites/Blogs/Facebook are going to be sleazy or taboo. This is not the case for me, and I know while I have been searching the web for other erotica writers and studying their sites/blogs, that is not the case for all of them either. 

Some do chose to market themselves as strictly erotica and that’s great, that is their brand. They are lucky; they know where they fit in the big scheme of things. 

For new writers like myself, we are still struggling with just trying to get our books noticed amongst the millions of others, and feeling a little shy with it all as well.

We should be able to write or read erotica without feeling we have to hide in the corner somewhere and not feel like we are doing something naughty (which can actually be kind of fun sometimes). Fifty Shades of Grey did help to open up this genre to make it more socially acceptable, but it still has a long way to go.

So how do we get over this hump? Where are the best places for a new Erotica authors to promote their books?  Do I have to constantly promote everything about sex and erotica to be able to have a good readership and following? These are the things that I am hoping to figure out as I continue on this journey.

What have I done so far:

  • It was suggested not to market myself until I have a backlog of books ready to buy. Which is good advice; there is no point marketing yourself if you only have one or two books out, especially in this genre. I have now released ten stories on Amazon and Smashwords.
  • I have opened a Twitter account,Pinterest, Amazon Authors page, Facebook and this blog. All social media stuff I have been told is good for erotica writers. My brain on the other hand, is a little sceptical.
  • I still working on my website and I have signed up to do a newsletter on Mailchimp (which seems to be  essential for authors?) The newsletter is a good way to keep in touch with your readers and do promotions and keep a database. I also need to join Goodreads…
  • I have done my first promotion on NA-Obsessions, it is a twitter based promo, I will let you know how it goes.
  • I am very aware of not bombarding people with ‘buy my books’ which is a little hard when your starting out. I want new people to see what books I have written, but it is a fine line between harassment and “Welcome to my blog, check it out at your own leisure.”

Do you have a favourite erotica author’s site? What keeps you going back to their site?


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