Love Magic


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Samantha the witch has a very important night ahead, she was to cook the magical feast for the coven. She was happy when the coven accepted her, but she didn’t always agree with their rules, especially, no fraternizing with men.

“No man shalt touch thine body” the high priestess has ruled, but Samantha was horny as hell and needed to get laid.
So when she finds an old spell book of Sexual Magic, Samantha cooks up a lot more than she expected.
With a giant pumpkin, and a sexy as hell biker on her mind, what could possibly go wrong?


Casting a love spell on or administering a love potion to another person without her or his knowledge or consent is probably not a great idea. Such an action interferes with that person’s free will, it is akin to the mindset that leads to slipping a roofie into someone’s drink.

On the other hand, casting a love spell on or administering a love potion to oneself – with the goal of attracting love – is quite effective, when done properly. It is best done when the moon is waxing, because that is the natural time for any kind of increase magic; there is no point in working against nature here. As for the spells and potions themselves, there are many options from which to choose. The most commonly available ingredients, that are also the easiest on the budget, are listed below.


Rose Quartz: An easily obtainable stone, which is frequently found in the shape of a heart precisely because it is so well known for its love attracting properties.

Amber: Worn to attract love, or added to herbal love-drawing preparations.

Amethyst: Worn by men to attract women.

Jade: Ancient love-attracting stone.

Lodestone: Used to attract anything, so best combined with another stone and/or herbs.

Malachite: Particularly effective when combined with copper and the sign of Venus.

Moonstone: Worn or carried to bring love.

Herbs, and Spices

Basil  Cardamom  Catnip  Chamomile  Chili pepper  Cinnamon  Coriander

Dill  Ginger  Marjoram  Mistletoe  Peppermint  Rosemary  Spearmint

Thyme  Valeriann Vanilla

Many of the above herbs and spices can be easily combined into something tasty, while visualizing the kind of love one wishes to attract. Or, they can be combined in a sachet with a lodestone, or any of the other stones listed above. Another method is to arrange stones and/or herbs around a lit pink, red, or white candle. Burning a pleasing combination of herbs as an incense is yet another method.

The key to all of this is to focus on the kind of love one wants, the more specific the better. Make a list; make many lists. It is amazing what the Universe can provide, when given accurate information!



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