Craved By A Dragon

Craved by a Dragon. A medieval erotica. Available on Amazon and Smashwords.
 Frightening beasts… in their purest essence…are often beautiful creatures that need our help.

Kenna, a proper virgin, and a handmaiden for her beloved queen, always honors and obeys her king. However, she doesn’t share his belief that all dragons should be slayed.

When a huge dragon attacks the queen’s carriage, Kenna sacrifices herself to save her. Before she knows it, the beast’s great black talons wrap around her and soar into the sky with Kenna in his clutches.

Kenna awakes in the cave of the dragon and tries to escape. Charcoal feet slam down beside her, and Kenna clamps her hand over her mouth to stifle her gasp of terror. She could only wait, petrified, for her obsidian attacker to discover her and end it all.

Magically, he transforms to a man with a hot body of chiseled flawless planes of muscle and sinew. The shapeshifting dragon sets Kenna’s passion on fire. Instead of killing her…he offers her a proposal. He wants to make Kenna his mate and breed with her.

Can Kenna possibly save the dragon’s species or is it too late for his kind? And will she even agree to help him?


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