Dinosaur Erotica & Dr Chuck Tingle

Two articles caught my attention today, both in the Erotica Genre. Being a writer and lover of Monster and Paranormal Erotica I find it interesting how people perceive what we write.

Christie Sims Dinosaur Erotica has been around for a while now. I sometimes think people take this genre a little too seriously, where as writers we are just having a bit of fun, I know I am. I have read some of Christie’s books and think they are hilarious.

Follow the link for article: Dinosaur Erotica

Dr Chuck Tingle, Master of disguise. This article calls it ‘Behind Amazon’s Most Absurd Gay Erotica’.

Dr Tingle writes various types of Erotica, with Bigfoot, Dinosaurs and even a Jet Plane. I have yet to read a Dr Tingle book, but he is my list.

Follow the link to the Observer interview with Dr Chuck Tingle



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