Evangeline Anderson- Hits the right spot.

What a great little device and a lot of fun.

Check out Evangeline’s new business venture,with a company that is causing quite a ‘sensation’ over in Europe.

From Evangeline’s website

As an author (and a reader) I am so excited about the B-sensory–also called “the Little Bird.” Essentially, you just put the Little Bird in place and as you read, it will start making you happy at “the good parts.” I am going to have short stories hooked up to the Little Bird to start with including: Speeding Ticket, Stress Relief, When Mr Black Comes Home, Confessions of a Lingerie Model and Dessert (with the sexy Victor/Taylor interlude which takes place after Scarlet Heat).

Eventually, I hope to have more books connected and some of my longer books may be serialized with B-sensory. There are going to be other authors to choose from as well. So check it out–I can’t wait to get mine just in time for next Valentine’s Day!

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Little Bird: Fifty Shades of Me!

The Little Bird is the world’s first smart vibrator driven by erotic ebooks. Thanks to this innovating lovetoy, words become caresses, reading turns into a true sensorial experience and the body becomes a part of the story! A simple concept – Read & Feel – that offers women a new way to read and thrill alone or with their partner. A shake of the device, a caress, a blow on the screen will reveal the text and trigger the toy vibrations in accordance with the story. B.Sensory’s app also features a vibrating message service and a possibility to give control of the love egg to a remote partner from short or long distances.

Available for pre-order now, the Little Bird will be delivered on time for Valentine’s Day 2016. This unseen offer combines 3 major trends: the success of erotic romance like “50 shades”, democratization of sextoys (with a 22 billion € estimated market) and the advent of connected devices.
More Informations: b-sensory.com – @BSensory

Check out Evangeline’s website to keep up to date with this great new product.



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