Girls, do you want your men to man up?

Do you ever wonder why men spend so long in the bathroom? Even when they have little or no hair. Don’t get me wrong, I like personal hygiene on a man, but there is a limit to what I can deal with.

Example one: when your man uses your razor and tells you, “But baby, its so gentle on my face.” Example two: He comes out of the shower smelling like peaches and cream body wash and replies, “But it makes my skin so soft and silky.” No, no, no. Guys please stick to your own manly shower gel. Do I have to trick you and fill my container with mens body wash? Even if it’s a one night stand and you take a shower in the morning, (and yes guys, we really do hope you do) please go for the least fragranced body wash you can find.

You see, i’m the kind of girl who likes a manly man, especially men in uniform. Beat up and bloody looking, smelling like gun powder, (there is probably a name for my condition, lol). Philip Winchester is a excellent example in Strike Back.

So something to ponder over. Do you like the pretty boy who spends hours in the bathroom? Your average guy who occasionally uses your body wash and razors? Or are you a fan of the rough rugged type, hot, hard and sweaty. I know I am, but I am bias.



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