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Hey Everyone,

I have just done my first interview with the lovely Natasha from Bareback Magazine.I would love for you to check it out.

This is a great magazine that supports indie and published writers of Erotica. If you haven’t seen her blog before go check it out, its awesome.

See interview here:

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Marketing and Social Media for Erotica Writers

This is how I am feeling a little bit right now. I want to hide my myself and let all the marketing and media stuff take care of itself.

Hey Everyone, I am now in the process of marketing my new Erotica books. Isn’t this the most perfect picture.

Being a new author and writer of erotica, I have made an effort to as read many articles and listen to advice from other authors in this genre. I thought writing the stories was the hard part, but boy I was wrong. 

Social Media is not my forte, not yet anyway, and I still do not have a clear idea of my personal brand. It is a work in progress!

From what I have personally read, a lot of new established erotica writers struggle with the “Oh, you write Erotica” wall. 

There seems to be an impression that if we write erotica our Websites/Blogs/Facebook are going to be sleazy or taboo. This is not the case for me, and I know while I have been searching the web for other erotica writers and studying their sites/blogs, that is not the case for all of them either. 

Some do chose to market themselves as strictly erotica and that’s great, that is their brand. They are lucky; they know where they fit in the big scheme of things. 

For new writers like myself, we are still struggling with just trying to get our books noticed amongst the millions of others, and feeling a little shy with it all as well.

We should be able to write or read erotica without feeling we have to hide in the corner somewhere and not feel like we are doing something naughty (which can actually be kind of fun sometimes). Fifty Shades of Grey did help to open up this genre to make it more socially acceptable, but it still has a long way to go.

So how do we get over this hump? Where are the best places for a new Erotica authors to promote their books?  Do I have to constantly promote everything about sex and erotica to be able to have a good readership and following? These are the things that I am hoping to figure out as I continue on this journey.

What have I done so far:

  • It was suggested not to market myself until I have a backlog of books ready to buy. Which is good advice; there is no point marketing yourself if you only have one or two books out, especially in this genre. I have now released ten stories on Amazon and Smashwords.
  • I have opened a Twitter account,Pinterest, Amazon Authors page, Facebook and this blog. All social media stuff I have been told is good for erotica writers. My brain on the other hand, is a little sceptical.
  • I still working on my website and I have signed up to do a newsletter on Mailchimp (which seems to be  essential for authors?) The newsletter is a good way to keep in touch with your readers and do promotions and keep a database. I also need to join Goodreads…
  • I have done my first promotion on NA-Obsessions, it is a twitter based promo, I will let you know how it goes.
  • I am very aware of not bombarding people with ‘buy my books’ which is a little hard when your starting out. I want new people to see what books I have written, but it is a fine line between harassment and “Welcome to my blog, check it out at your own leisure.”

Do you have a favourite erotica author’s site? What keeps you going back to their site?

Love Magic


Find A Witches Desire here on Amazon

Samantha the witch has a very important night ahead, she was to cook the magical feast for the coven. She was happy when the coven accepted her, but she didn’t always agree with their rules, especially, no fraternizing with men.

“No man shalt touch thine body” the high priestess has ruled, but Samantha was horny as hell and needed to get laid.
So when she finds an old spell book of Sexual Magic, Samantha cooks up a lot more than she expected.
With a giant pumpkin, and a sexy as hell biker on her mind, what could possibly go wrong?


Casting a love spell on or administering a love potion to another person without her or his knowledge or consent is probably not a great idea. Such an action interferes with that person’s free will, it is akin to the mindset that leads to slipping a roofie into someone’s drink.

On the other hand, casting a love spell on or administering a love potion to oneself – with the goal of attracting love – is quite effective, when done properly. It is best done when the moon is waxing, because that is the natural time for any kind of increase magic; there is no point in working against nature here. As for the spells and potions themselves, there are many options from which to choose. The most commonly available ingredients, that are also the easiest on the budget, are listed below.


Rose Quartz: An easily obtainable stone, which is frequently found in the shape of a heart precisely because it is so well known for its love attracting properties.

Amber: Worn to attract love, or added to herbal love-drawing preparations.

Amethyst: Worn by men to attract women.

Jade: Ancient love-attracting stone.

Lodestone: Used to attract anything, so best combined with another stone and/or herbs.

Malachite: Particularly effective when combined with copper and the sign of Venus.

Moonstone: Worn or carried to bring love.

Herbs, and Spices

Basil  Cardamom  Catnip  Chamomile  Chili pepper  Cinnamon  Coriander

Dill  Ginger  Marjoram  Mistletoe  Peppermint  Rosemary  Spearmint

Thyme  Valeriann Vanilla

Many of the above herbs and spices can be easily combined into something tasty, while visualizing the kind of love one wishes to attract. Or, they can be combined in a sachet with a lodestone, or any of the other stones listed above. Another method is to arrange stones and/or herbs around a lit pink, red, or white candle. Burning a pleasing combination of herbs as an incense is yet another method.

The key to all of this is to focus on the kind of love one wants, the more specific the better. Make a list; make many lists. It is amazing what the Universe can provide, when given accurate information!


Virgins and Dragons

In line with my new book release, I thought I would have a little look at virgins and dragons in medieval times.

St Margaret of Antioch and the Dragon

The ancient medieval myth of virgins and dragons is dynamic and intriguing. In these tales a dragons holds a maiden captive and a knight comes rides to her rescue. The valiant knight slays the dragon and wins the maiden, who is often a princess, as a prize. He marries her and they live happily ever after. But what does it all mean, why are dragons after virgins? Though to be honest, no one knows for sure what allure human virgins have to huge, scaly, reptilian beasts that breathe fire, there are some theories on the subject.

Ancient people might have seen the loss of a maiden’s chastity as a symbol of first blood. So the virgin give the dragon some type of power that was a fitting compensation for the villagers stealing his hoard of gold.

Another idea is the brave knight is a masculine archetype and in conquering the dragon he was overcoming base emotions like anger. While in rescuing the virgin he was overcoming sexual urges or showing sexual prowess, you could look at it either way.

There is another take on dragons and virgins. In the Middle Ages, chastity was a highly desirable feature in a bride. They didn’t have DNA testing then and titles, kingdoms, riches, lands, even men sworn to fight for them were passed on from a father to his eldest son. If a bride was a virgin it was highly likely her first child would be legitimate. Therefore it was important a bride be chaste so the lord of the castle would know the heir was his actual son. So virgins were valuable. By offering a virgin to a dragon, the villagers are giving him a priceless item to keep them safe from the threat of one of his fiery rampages.

Another idea is these virgins could be goddesses. In Celtic mythology the triad goddesses of maiden, mother, and crone are quite powerful. The ancient Welsh worshiped Dewy, a god who was symbolized by a red dragon, which would have been his shapeshifting form. Little is known of him. There may have been a connection in forgotten mythology between one of the maiden goddesses and the dragon god Dewey. Celtic gods and goddesses not only made love with each other they had husbands and wives among the other gods and goddesses as well as with humans. Maybe it’s not a sacrifice, the dragon and the maiden goddess might love each other.

Of course these are all just ideas. To know for sure we’d have to find a dragon and ask him. That’s not likely to happen although it might make a nice premise for a story.

Craved By A Dragon

Craved by a Dragon. A medieval erotica. Available on Amazon and Smashwords.
 Frightening beasts… in their purest essence…are often beautiful creatures that need our help.

Kenna, a proper virgin, and a handmaiden for her beloved queen, always honors and obeys her king. However, she doesn’t share his belief that all dragons should be slayed.

When a huge dragon attacks the queen’s carriage, Kenna sacrifices herself to save her. Before she knows it, the beast’s great black talons wrap around her and soar into the sky with Kenna in his clutches.

Kenna awakes in the cave of the dragon and tries to escape. Charcoal feet slam down beside her, and Kenna clamps her hand over her mouth to stifle her gasp of terror. She could only wait, petrified, for her obsidian attacker to discover her and end it all.

Magically, he transforms to a man with a hot body of chiseled flawless planes of muscle and sinew. The shapeshifting dragon sets Kenna’s passion on fire. Instead of killing her…he offers her a proposal. He wants to make Kenna his mate and breed with her.

Can Kenna possibly save the dragon’s species or is it too late for his kind? And will she even agree to help him?